For Your Life

Your home should be filled with warmth. And that warmth shouldn’t cost you a bundle or be harmful to the environment. When you heat your house with natural gas, you’ll save money and be protecting the land you love.

For Your Business

Why natural? We believe that community is the most important thing in the world. And everything we do as a company empowers the places and the people we serve. Learn More
Choose natural gas to fuel your commercial operation. One of the biggest expenses of running a business is energy. Learn More
Natural gas can tackle your biggest needs. Big equipment, big machines, big buildings…they all need big energy. Learn More
No housing project’s too large or too small for natural gas. Owning and running a multi-family dwelling comes with its own set of challenges on an increased scale. Learn More
Cut your fleet costs by more than a third. Our stationary diesel kit is a safe, simple, reliable and inexpensive solution to run your diesel on a blend of 50-70 percent natural gas. Learn More
Whether it’s for cooking your customers’ food, heating your water to get the dishes clean or keeping your restaurant cozy for your staff and patrons, natural gas is the answer. Natural gas is affordable, dependable and reliable. Plus, it’s a more efficient way to heat your food and water, which saves you money. Learn More
Natural gas is the smart fuel for your small business. As a small business owner, you have a lot to juggle. But your energy costs shouldn’t be something that’s always up in the air. Learn More

Builders & Developers

Why Natural?

Natural gas is comparable to propane but much less expensive. Plus, natural gas burns at the same temperature as propane. And since natural gas is domestic, it’s less vulnerable to dramatic price fluctuations.

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