Natural fire pits: Fan the flames of relaxation

Picture hosting the perfect summer backyard party. Steaks on the grill. Icy beverages. Laughing family and friends. Cheerful flames dancing in your fire pit.

A party like that takes planning and effort. Why add chopping and hauling wood to your already long to-do list?

Opt for a natural gas fire pit, and save your energy for making sure those steaks are cooked perfectly. (Medium rare, please.)

Natural Fire Pit Highlights:
  • Costs much less to operate than propane
  • No worry of running out of fuel
  • No hassle of chopping wood
  • No smoke to annoy your neighbors
  • All kinds of styles and flame types
  • Instant on/off

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Natural highlights:
  • Heat an area from 12 to 20 feet in diameter
  • No propane bottles to fill
  • Costs much less to operate than electric or propane appliances
  • Available in different sizes and styles

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Natural patio heaters: Take the edge off the evening

Oh, those crisp fall evenings. The stars seem brighter somehow. Makes you just want to throw on a jacket, wander into the backyard and stare at the sky for hours.

But it’s hard to hear the leaves crunching underfoot if your teeth are chattering.

Fortunately, there’s a natural gas patio heater that’s perfect for your outdoor living space, no matter its size. That way, you can spend more time contemplating whether we’re alone in the universe and less time wondering where you stored your mittens.

Natural lights and torches: No power, no problem

There are those rare days when you just don’t want to go back inside. There’s a light breeze that’s not too chilly. The kids are playing together without fighting. You’re devouring a page-turner that just won’t read the same inside.

But the sun is setting, and you can only hold that book so close to your face.

Natural gas lights and torches to the rescue. You get light with a soft, warm glow — that attracts fewer nighttime insects — and the chance to see if Stephen King can still scare your pants off. (Spoiler alert: He can.)

Natural highlights:
  • Add soft, warm ambience to your home, walkways and patio
  • Attract fewer nighttime insects compared to electric lights
  • No propane bottles to lug around or worry about running dry
  • Operate when the electricity is out

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Natural highlights:
  • Lower operating cost than electric or propane systems
  • Operate independently of outdoor temperature conditions, unlike electric pool heaters

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Natural pool & spa heaters:
Swim laps around the
electric competition

Adult swim. One of the more wonderful phrases in the English language. There are only so many times you can take a water wing to the head before you’ve had enough. That’s why you have your own pool.

So don’t limit your pool time to just the summer months.

With a natural gas pool and spa heater, you can extend your pool season and save money. More adult swim time calls for more adult beverages.

Natural grills: Grilled goodness with no portly
propane tanks

Those fillets are just lying in their packaging, staring at you wistfully. You had a plan for a late-evening feast. Medium rare fillets. Thin-sliced potatoes with butter grilled up in foil packets. And fresh asparagus lightly oiled, salted and grilled to perfection.

But your propane bottle is empty, and all the stores are closed.

With a natural gas grill, you’ll never again worry about running out of fuel, lugging heavy propane tanks or wrestling with bulky charcoal bags. Your only anxiety will be what to have for dessert.

Natural highlights:
  • Costs less to operate than charcoal
  • No propane bottles to fill
  • No ashes to clean
  • No lighter fluid taste
  • Year-round outdoor cooking
  • Instant push-button ignition

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