Natural Gas Goes With the Grain

Your land your crop, your livelihood. In any given year many factors affect your bottom line – weather, fertilizer, market prices and your input cost.

Switch to natural gas and take control.

That’s why so many farmers use safe, reliable and cost-efficient natural gas for their operations.

Natural gas can reduce your irrigation, grain drying and heating costs for your shop and home.

And when you’re ready to learn how natural gets it done for your grain operation, call us at 800-999-5694.

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When you’re ready to learn more about switching and saving, call us at 800-999-5694.

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Let natural gas keep more money in the bin

One big cost in grain production can be your drying cost. Especially if mother nature doesn’t help you out.

If you’re using Propane to dry your grain, you could save up to 50% on your drying cost by switching to natural gas.

By drying on the farm, you decide when to sell your crop.

Poultry farms: Converting to natural gas can cut your costs

An efficient business is a profitable one. And we understand that poultry farmers like you are always looking for new ways to streamline production costs, especially when it comes to heating and brooding.

We are expanding our reach into rural areas, which makes it possible for many poultry growers to convert from propane to natural gas.

Call us at 800-999-5694 to find out if natural gas is available in your area.

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Call us today at 800-999-5694 to find out how natural gets it done for your livestock operations.

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Get meatier margins with natural gas

No matter your livestock facility – whether it’s a cattle feedlot or a hog building – you’ll earn better profit margins when you fuel your operation with natural gas.

Natural gas is cleaner burning, offers better efficiency. No more running out of Propane on your farm.

Natural gas helps you build a strong foundation

It takes a lot of of buildings to make your operation run.

But whether it’s a grain dryer, a shop, an outbuilding – or your home – natural gas is the perfect solution to keeping it comfortable.

Plus, natural gas burns cleaner, offers better efficiency and is much more cost effective than propane or electricity.

Call 800-999-5694 to learn how natural can get it done in your buildings.

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Call 800-999-5694 to talk to one of our irrigation experts.

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Bring some green back to your fields

Save money and get more efficient by letting natural gas power your irrigation needs. Not to mention natural gas is dependable, reliable and made in the USA.

With natural gas prices so low, now is a great time to convert or upgrade to a natural gas irrigation engine.

Dual Fuel Kit
Convert your existing diesel engine to burn up to 70 percent natural gas. You can install it yourself, and the investment will immediately start paying you back.

Natural gas irrigation engine highlights:
• No electrical power interruptions with a natural gas engine
• Operating costs are significantly less than diesel engines
• Save nearly $30 an acre
• Duel fuel kits available

Nebraska customers may be eligible for rebates. Click here to learn more and apply.

Your community, your cooperative

We're fueling the farmers who feed America.

Natural Gas from Black Hills Energy can help you serve your customers and community.

Whether you’re fueling your irrigation engines, grain dryers, or heating your shop and house. Choose natural gas as an American-made reliable and cost-effective solution.

Call today at 800-999-5694 to learn more about natural gas energy and cost savings for your cooperative and community.

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